The other night, Valerie and I were taking our traditional study break to purchase some much needed caffeine from the coffee shop in the basement of the library. As we stood in line, we started talking about our class schedules for next semester. 

Me: I think I’m only going to take fifteen hours next semester.
Valerie: Yeah, me too.
So then this random guy in line ahead of us turns around and says, “Only fifteen hours?”
And it struck me that sometimes I wish my life was simple like that guy’s life. Or what I imagine to be that guy’s life (Looks can be deceiving). Sometimes I wish I only felt the need to take twelve hours a semester and then could spend the rest of my time watching television and blogging. Right now, that sounds like heaven. 
Then of course all my reason kicks in and I can think of tons of excuses for why that wouldn’t be a great path for my life to follow. Mostly I think I’d get really bored and cranky. When I sit around for too long I get unhappy. 

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