Epic Snow Day

The Greek community at OU is split up into North and South Greek (according to where our houses are located in respect to campus), and today we had an epic North Greek v.s. South Greek snowball fight.

Well, first it started as a snowball fight between the SigEps (a N. Greek fraternity), Theta, and Chi O (both N. Greek sororities).

Hence, the SigEps (note the flag) laying siege on our house…

Then they ran off to lay siege on Theta down the street…

Of course, that was short lived, and the group (pretty much led by the guys) ran on down to South Greek, crossing busy streets en masse and banging on the doors of all the sorority houses along the way.

After our saunter around South Greek, banging on doors and throwing snow at the passing cars (again, I’ll blame this on the guys), we headed back up to North Greek. Just as we arrived, we noticed that a few from South Greek had assembled and followed us back, taking up our previously-broadcasted challenge.

We totally won.

Tired, cold, and happy, we returned home.

(I’m in the yellow boots.)

We de-layered out of our snow-caked clothing…

(This was supposed to be a “Look at all our stuff!” picture.)

(Please admire our leggings and tough faces.)

… and rewarded ourselves for all the hard work with hot chocolate. And extra mini-marshmallows.


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