How to NOT Take Things Personally

While on Facebook earlier today, I came across a quote on a friend’s page that I really liked. Wanting to know who the quote came from, I plugged the first sentence into Google.

I found her name– Christine Kane. But the best part is that I also came upon her incredibly insightful blog. I’ve never heard of her before, but from the looks of her website, she writes inspirational books and has put out numerous CDs as a singer.

The awesome quote that I loved (below) came from one of her blogs, titled “How to NOT Take Things Personally: A Personal Guide.”

“The biggest benefits of not taking things personally are self-awareness and clarity. Being centered and grounded while knowing that only you can dictate whether or not you’re on track or whether or not you’re successful is a reward in and of itself.” –Christine Kane

After reading the “Not Taking Things Personally” blog, I clicked on another blog of hers, titled “Why Little Victories Matter in a Big Way.” I might like that one even more. It is about training yourself to always acknowledge and appreciate the small victories that come on the way to your larger successes, and she states five very good reasons why small victories matter. Super inspirational.

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  1. Little victories are very important 😀

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