Filming Under Way

I just finished a film shoot tonight for part of the first narrative short film I’ve made since freshman year. In a way, it was really exciting to get “back in the game,” so to speak. It was also quite nerve-racking. I wanted to have everything together and to look like I knew exactly what I was doing. But of course, as these things always seem to go, I ended up needing a lot of help and getting a lot of advice from my film friend who came to help out with the lighting (which we didn’t end up needing).

Then I got to that moment where it was imperative to swallow my pride and let myself be instructed on how to do something in front of a whole group of actors (that I’ll willingly admit that I wanted to impress). It wasn’t easy to do. In fact, it was much more difficult than I expected it to be. But in the end, I listened and the project is much better for it now.
And I did learn a lot. Of course, I wont fool myself by any stretch into thinking I now know everything and that I’ll have nothing to learn during our next film shoot. I shall simply be more prepared to take the advice graciously during the next go-round.

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