A Fan of GaGa

Facebook has this concept where you can “become a fan” of things. Someone will create a page for something, anything, and invite people to become fans. For example, I can be a fan of Michael Jackson or The John Tesh Radio Show. I have, in fact, become a fan of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Norman and Gray Owl Coffee Shop, among others.
(Disclaimer: I am explaining the concept of Facebook pages for my grandparents… bear with me…)
But there’s this new trend where people give their pages the most ridiculous names possible. There are pages that are titled, “I really hate slow computers,” “That was not your last piece of gum. Stop lying!”, and “Pretending to text in awkward situations.”
As a rule, I don’t become a fan of those types of pages. No one looks through them anyway. And even if people do browse through other people’s pages, I doubt they go through and think, “Hmmm… this girl has fanned some interesting pages. I bet she’s an interesting person.”
So becoming a fan of pages that are supposed to somehow describe me seems beyond silly. Especially since I definitely don’t define myself by things like “I hate it when I sleep at someone’s house and wake up ages before them” (… although that particular page isn’t very applicable anyway, since my friends and I don’t have very many sleep-overs anymore).
Anywho… my point is, pages are pointless. But every once and a while I’ll come along a page that is almost too clever to resist. I just might “fan” the following…

The GaGa Law: (RAH)² (AH)³ + RO (MA + MAMA) + (GA)² + OOH(LA)² =Bad Romance


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