Back to the World

I had an amazing break, and now I’m back to reality. Life bites. Just kidding. But the transition hasn’t been the best. Its my first morning back and I wake up at 5:30 am with some sort of internal attack on my lungs (stress setting in early, I suppose).

I then head to the Film and Video Studies library at 8:15 am where I spend the next four hours editing footage. After a short lunch break, I am back in that library until 3 pm. Then, after almost falling asleep twice and being horribly disappointed when I discover I left my wallet at home (no coffee break for me), I go to class, where I try to show the movie I just spent hours editing and the damn DVD wont play (excuse my French).
The joy and pain of being a film major. I love filming and I love editing. But until I figure out all of this silly footage compatibility issues, I will never be able to complete a project without a huge headache and an adrenaline rush as I race against the clock to tweak something yet again, after the previous three edits (or compressions or exports) — which I had originally started with plenty of time– failed on me and forced me to start again.
If I gain anything in this film editing class by the end of the semester, I hope it will be an understanding of all the rules and guidelines that come with importing and exporting footage, so I never have to make these stupid mistakes again.

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