Advice I Got from Hollywood

From L. Langs:

– Always know names. Make a list of the people that you strive to be like, so when the opportunity arrises, you’ll be able to grab the chance to work with them, etc.

From K. Sherman:
– If you want to produce, make sure you are reading every single book and screenplay possible. Watch as many movies as possible. You have to know what’s out there right now.
From C. Lanier:
– People here don’t care about your degree. Film school doesn’t really matter. They just want to hire someone who is street smart and will work hard. You move up from there.
– You have to get an internship in L.A. People wont hire you for a paying job until they see that you’re serious and have put in the time to get to know Hollywood.
From M. Payne:
– Do every job that comes available to you. It doesn’t matter if the job is at a talent agency and you want to produce. Get that job and learn everything there is to know about the position. You never know where your next job (or recommendation) is going to come from.

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