Telltale Signs That I Need More Sleep

1. My phone will not stay charged any more. It seems like every other day now, I have to charge my phone in the middle of the day, instead of its customary nighttime charging. For the longest time, I thought this was because my cell phone harkens from the Dark Ages and was finally slipping away from me.

But over the course of this semester, I have realized that that’s not it at all. This perpetually low cell phone battery issue comes not from equipment malfunction, but from my lack of sleep. See, I charge my phone in every night when I go to bed and expect it to be fully charged when I wake up in the morning. But when I’m averaging five hours of sleep a night, I guess that’s just not enough time for my trusty little phone. Woops!

2. I can fall asleep any time anywhere. Literally.* I’ll set my alarm for a ten-minute power nap, lay down on my bed (or put my head on the table, like I did in the library today), and be asleep instantly. Its like magic.

*Been there, done that. ——>
3. To follow up on #2, I can’t remember the last time I’ve laid awake in bed at night. I just crawl in and *bam.* Sleep time.

4. When I can get seven hours of sleep in one night (especially on a school night), I congratulate myself.

5. I get excited when I have the chance to go to bed early (which is any time before 2 am).

6. When I dream of all the great things that summer will bring, too many of my imaginings revolve around sleep — lazy naps by the pool, sleeping in on the weekends, early bed times during the week, etc.

7. I haven’t properly gotten ready for a morning class in over a month. Its like my body physically wont let me wake up earlier than fifteen minutes before a class (I do love that snooze button).


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