Exploring Dublin

Trinity College
Trinity College again.
That tree on the right has to be the BEST climbing tree
I’ve ever seen. But people aren’t allowed to walk on the grass,
so no one can get to that tree. Its such a shame.

Pretty public park.
Even though it was chilly, there were a large number
of people laying out on the lawn.

Part of the same beautiful park.
I want my backyard to look like this someday.
A very grand, very old church, right in the middle of the city.

Extremely talented street musicians playing Irish
folk rock. That kid in the middle could play that flute
so incredibly quickly, it was unbelievable.

The streets in the center of Dublin all look like this–
narrow cobblestone streets flanked by
an eclectic array of painted shops and bars.
One of the many bars in Dublin– though this probably gets the award for best decorated.
After a long day of walking around the streets of Dublin, Lauren (my new friend) and I decided to step into one of the local pubs to rest our feet. Our only requirement was that the place had to have live music. That wasn’t hard to find. So our second requirement became that we had to be able to find a place to sit down. No leaning against the wall (my legs wouldn’t stand for that — pun totally intended! haha!).
So we each ordered a Guinness (brewed fresh just outside of town), and we sat for at least two hours listening to first the band above (and then a second band). They were both fantastic groups of musicians. And the music was always so fun –upbeat and energetic– though it all started to sound very similar toward the end (it was all Irish folk music).
Overall, I had a great time exploring a new place, and now I can say I’ve been to Ireland. I definitely want to come back here though. I can’t wait to return and explore the Irish countryside– it looked so beautiful green and quaint from the airplane.
And then maybe, after I’ve finished exploring the Irish countryside, I’ll purchase this little shop that’s for sale (the white one in the picture below) and start up a little French bakery. Then I’ll make friends with the owners of the “Joy of Chai” tea shop next door, and we can swap scones for hot coffee every morning before we open our shops for the day.



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3 responses to “Exploring Dublin

  1. Duke,I am unsure as to the correct format for a blog post and so am improvising based on my extensive Facebook experience. It looks like you had great weather in Dublin, your pictures are lovely. (not the case when I went) and I'm so glad you met a friend to pal around with. Also, that note about buying that little shop sounds very Under the Tuscan Sun and thus also very you. When my procrastination and general lack of money savvy has led me into debt and I am in need of a foreign abode (to escape the IRS you see) I shall visit and be the very best of scone makers (although, I will still probably dislike tea). The weather is garish here: cold, cloudy, with angry spits of rain. Also, progress on Biblical paper is somewhat slow… remarkable how all my opinions on this most remarkable text have suddenly run from my brain… as if they know I am trying to capture them on paper. Alas, this is all for now. But I am so happy you got to see Dublin, say 'allo to all those pretty Irish folk boys for me.

  2. Your photos look amazing, V. I could totally see you having that house someday. You are missed here during finals week, but I haven't had anytime to study anyway as I have been working all the freaking time. Keep posting pictures during your trip! And Madison is right, you should totally get to know some of those Irish folk boys. love you!Val

  3. I love your blog, Virginia! What great pictures! Looks like you are having an amazing trip!-Heather (Haw) Kirkpatrick

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