Welcome to France!

The flight to France was fast and uneventful. I think I slept the whole way.
When we arrived in Nice, there were six or seven of us total who had experienced a layover and were late getting to the program. As it turns out, most girls had their layovers in America. Lauren and I were super lucky to get stuck in Dublin.
Once we were all accounted for, which took at least an hour or so, we all took a bus ride to Cannes La Bocca (a small city next to Cannes– there really isn’t any separation between the two), where our hotel/apartment complex is located.
By the time we got to our apartments and had a mini orientation, it was already after six. We were told the morning sign-in procedures, breakfast times, and our mentor groups (I’m in Brent’s group, or B Unit rather– feels like summer camp all over again). We were also given our backpacks, American Pavilion t-shirts to wear to work, and little flash drives (with 16 GB!).
Then we got to go up to our rooms to freshen up before a mixer at 8pm.
The view from my front door on the seventh (top) floor… the complex is huge.
There are at least four large buildings,
each at seven stories high.
The view of my room from the front door.

Our kitchen, with the front door in the back.
There’s also actually a small staircase by the front door
that leads to a second floor with two more bedrooms.

And my bed! It’s actually remarkably comfortable
(though anything would be comfy after a long exhausting
day and some remaining jet lag).
And the best part of my room is…


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