Day Six – Monday

Oh so busy! I’m getting behind. In a way it’s a good thing though, because instead of just writing about Cannes, I’m out there experiencing it.

I’m sunburned. My face is pink pink pink. I’ve been reapplying sunblock every couple hours to prevent further discoloration, but I think the damage is done. When the sun does shine, it beats down quite forcefully, and the salty sea breeze is also doing a number on my skin. Ohs wells. Such is life.

On of the best parts of my day was a little heart-to-heart with my mentor Brent. He’s pretty cool. He went to grad school in California and is now editing books for a living while also at a crossroads about where he wants to go next. We talked about his future and my five-year-plan (or current lack there-of), and he had some very insightful things to say. Overall, I think what I walked away from that conversation with was a renewed desired to find a little zen in my life. Or at least in the planning for my life. I already know I stress too much (my friend Madison will attest to this), but for the first time ever, I’ve started to notice its negative effects. Time for a change there.

A note on France: DON’T make eyes at French boys. You make eye contact, do a little lash flirtation, and they are at your side pronto, wiggling their eyebrows and trying to speak seductively in broken English.

Sometimes French boys are also quite crass– though perhaps its not quite their fault. I blame faulty online translation websites. For example, a group of us girls were strolling down the street and passed a group of French guys milling about. We got the standard cat call, which, while not frequent in the US, isn’t unusual. But then they’d practice their English and say things like “Hello lady. Want nice piece of meat?” Bahaha!

I also returned to the Short Film Corner today and watched a couple short films. There’s a place where you check in and they set you up at a computer. Your password onto the computer is on your badge, and you just log-in and can watch any film they have. I watched my friend Julian’s short, and then I watched Kavi, the Oscar-nominated short by a guy I met from USC the last time I went to the Short Film Corner. The short was beautifully done, and I am so jealous that he got to go to India to film it all.

I really wanted to see Biutiful, the Mexican film with Javier Bardem. I was determined to go. Bria and I decided to go to the 10pm red carpet screening, but we didn’t have tickets. So we decided to go early to wait in the rush line (where badge holders w/out ticket can often get in). We got there quite early, all dressed up in our fancy cocktail dresses and heels. Too early, in fact, because there wasn’t any line formed yet. Not being quite sure where our desired rush line was located, we decided to ask someone in an information book. No one there.

So we headed to the American Pavilion to see if someone there knew where the rush line was located. We found Megan lounging on the side couches and asked her where to find the rush line.

“What movie are you going to see?” she asked.

Biutiful,” I said.

Biutiful doesn’t play tonight. Outrage plays tonight.”

I think Bria and I laughed for a solid couple minutes. We had, in our desire to see the movie, forgotten to check to see if it was even playing. Woops.

Bria and I after discovering our mistake.

So instead, we went to see The Myth of the American Sleepover, directed by David Robert Mitchell (an American). It was a story following five or six characters as they make the transition in the last couple days of summer from middle school to high school. Channeled preteen angst perfectly. It was fun to see, and while it was made on a slightly smaller scale than any of the previous movies I’ve seen, it was still really enjoyable because the characters were great.


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