Day Eight – Wednesday

Overall, Wednesday was a pretty rough day that brought out all my frustrations with the American Pavilion program. In the end, I’d probably still recommend the program for the fun times and good contacts you make with fellow students. And its a great way to get your feet wet as far as the festival is concerned, because the next time I return, I’ll know exactly how to navigate the festival to my advantage.

But it was a long day filled with inefficient management and an overall lack of respect and appreciation for the hard work we interns do. Because to be honest, I am paying them quite a bit of money to be here. It’s like a university. I pay them for an education/experience and the professors/program require things of me, but in the end, they should be accountable to us and at the very least, treat us with respect and appreciation. Needless to say, it has been a frustrating last couple days.

Upon reflection, I’m going to say that my frustrations mostly come down to the fact that I’m not being taken seriously as an adult and instead feel an indentured servant. Agism is rampant here, and nothing irks me more. When I get older, I will never treat someone with less respect or take them less seriously because of their age. Age has nothing to do with anything. Some people are more mature, intelligent, and successful at the age of 21 than most 55-year-olds.

Anywho… enough complaining and moving on to the fun things that Cannes has to offer!

I saw Howl, starring James Franco, at a small theater in town during the day. It was a market screening and not a very full theater, so I didn’t have to show up two hours early this time. I definitely appreciated that.

I enjoyed the movie. It was very artsy and creative, with three story threads– interviews with the young life of beat poet Allen Ginsberg, author of Howl, the poem that is said to have started the beat movement; the trial of Howl’s poem, being prosecuted for obscenity; and the retelling, in animation, of the poem itself.

It was really interesting. Too bad I was exhausted and fell asleep halfway through. I’m a bit angry at myself, but there really isn’t anything I can do in that situation.

That’s about it for my Wednesday. Again, not a lot happened today. But seeing as it’s yet another day on the gorgeous French Riviera, I think I’m doing okay.


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