Day Nine – Thursday

This morning I ate Nutella with little bit of croissant on my way to the bus stop. I am going to miss this when I get back to the States. And its so beautiful here. The water is a glassy silver blue, and it’s extremely calm– The waves don’t crash but roll into the beach softly.

So while I may not be getting any jobs from my networking skills, at least I have now gotten red carpet tickets. My Danish producer friend, who I’ve really enjoyed chatting with whenever he comes into the Pavilion, left the festival Thursday morning and really needed someone to use his two tickets to see Fair Game, starring Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. So he offered them to me, and of coures I accepted.

It was the 7:30pm premiere of the movie too, which is the official premiere with the director and stars in attendance (though Sean Penn isn’t here in Cannes). So now I can say I have been to two red carpet premieres.

After the movie, my friend and I headed back to the Pavilion for AmPav Karaoke night. It was a party just for us, hosted by the head of our program. I’m not really much of a karaoke singer, as I’m not really into singing in public in general anymore, but a few of my friends convinced me to sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” with them. Of course, I love that song so I was totally there. Sadly though, they didn’t have the right code for the song and we defaulted, for some reason, to a lame Christina Agulera song. Ohs wells. It was still a blast.

Things have slowed down here a lot at the festival. After Wednesday, a lot of people left Cannes, as most of the important movies had played and events had been hosted over the previous weekend. Now the films showing are smaller ones not in competition.

I think it would be fun to try to see the closing ceremony of the festival, but I know we wont be given tickets through AmPav and I don’t know how easy/difficult they would be to find elsewhere. I’ll have to scope it out and see if there are even tickets at all or if its a first-come-first-serve thing again.


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