Before I Move On…

*photo courtesy of Julian Broudy

I’m home, and my fabulous trip to Cannes is over. I miss the place and I miss all my new friends.
But thankfully, I have pictures. And I have new friends who take incredible pictures and then post them all on Facebook for me to admire. So I’m stealing from them (with permission and crediting them, of course) and posting some of their amazing pictures here.
More Cannes for you– courtesy of Julian and Alek!

The American Pavilion
*photos courtesy of Julian Broudy
View of the Pavilions from the Marché.
The front of the American Pavilion.

Inside the American Pavilion Conference room

Many a blog was composed on the American Pavilion computers.

The Pavilion restaurant from the beach.

The Palais
*photos courtesy of Julian Broudy

The front of the Palais

The back of the Palais (on right) and Marché (on left)… The Entrée
des Artistes, behind the Palais, was where we could use
the restroom, and it was the facilitator of many star sightings.
The Marché
*photos courtesy of Alek Rost

The front of the Marché, where hundreds of films came with hopes
to be bought and sold. There were over fifty companies that set up
in the Marché, and it was a thriving, bustling place to be during the festival.

The halls of the Marché… Companies set up shop in swankily
decorated cubicles, where buyers could wander through and ask
questions, and then, if they were interested, set appointments,
and screen films.
The Short Film Corner, home of great short films and
the most popular happy hour at the festival.
And the Beautiful City of Cannes
*photos courtesy of Julian Broudy
a normal street

The beach walk from the hotel in Cannes La Bocca to the festival.
the view of part of the festival from the castle
Part of the street where I bought all my Christmas presents.
rooftop view of Cannes
And I just added these pictures of Cannes because I think my friend Julian is a talented photographer and I love these pictures…

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