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Open for Business

The Resource Room opened for the first time last night, and the turn-out was great! We checked out over fifty books and had an average of twenty-five people in the room at all times.
It was fun because a lot of people brought their laptops and things and sat at our tables to work, which was something I didn’t expect. Our little slice of peaceful has officially become a study spot/home/homey place for others, and that makes me happy.



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. . .

“It is not easy … to wait. Waiting is what the hunter does, and the poet and the slugger. He waits for the moment of inevitability and fate and then he swings, or shoots, or takes up the pen to put down a line. They don’t teach us to wait in America; they teach us to grab. But waiting is what we do when we are looking for something beautiful, when we are looking for an end to our sorrow. Nothing is infinite in life, not even sorrow. You just have to wait.”

– Cary Tennis

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From the Dining Hall to 1300

An informal tour of a small portion of Temple’s campus (a.k.a. the path I take home from the dining hall every day), courtesy of me.

That building on the right is very multipurpose.
The first level is full of a bunch of random stores,
including an optometrist, nail salon, movie rental
place, a coffee shop called Saxby’s, and a bar that
apparently has the best wings ever.

A beautiful church mixed in with all the modern
architecture. There are quite a few buildings like
this around here, and I want to explore them all
before I leave. I also really wish I had a good
camera with me so that I could take awesome pictures
of them. Ah well, such is life.
Temple’s cool school of business. I have zero idea
of the rigor of their program, but I think that those
giant letters are A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Almost home! When I was getting directions to the cafeteria for
the first time, I was told to leave the dorm, hang a left, and then
follow the red brick road once I come to it. Can’t say that the
directions were very good, but the road was definitely easy to find.

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Corps Member Move-In Day

Yesterday (Sunday) was move-in day for corps members, and it felt very strange to have over 650 new people swoop down on 1300 (what we call the residence hall here).

The Resource Room, my little haven/place of work for the last couple weeks, remains untouched as of yet, thank goodness. We don’t open until Tuesday evening, so for now we still have some peace and quiet. Not so much for the other areas of 1300 though.
It’s funny because most of us OCs almost resent the intrusion of the corps members. Of course, we know that’s a silly reaction, because they are the entire reason we are here in the first place, which is to create an environment where upcoming corps members can most effectively learn to become teachers. But we’ve just gotten so used to the small number of us working and living together that it almost feels like the corps members are taking over our home. Which of course isn’t true in the least bit.
I’m on the fence, personally. I resent the individuals who come in and expect us to cater to their every need, without so much as a please or thank-you. I’m trying not to take their criticism personally (since they really don’t understand just how hard we’ve been working for their arrival).
But I also welcome their arrival because I’m excited to meet lots of new people. I can’t wait to see what things will be like around here once we all settle into some semblance of a routine.
At Registration, it was all hands on deck:
Checking in the new corps members and explaining how their
Temple student ID cards worked… I had that shpeel memorized.
I could probably say it in my sleep.
From the left: OCs– Geales, Kelcey (works in the Resource
Room with me), myself, and Jessica (the OC who was in charge
of making sure the entire day ran smoothly… huge task!)

More OCs (and Lindsey on the right– not an OC), handing
out pre-paid gym memberships and ethernet cords.

Steve, an Operations Director (OD), and Ashley, another OC…
They were giving people their name tags and other basics.

Megan, Stephan, and Marquita (more OCs), giving out name tags also.

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Oh, That Dance?

So we had that dance “competition” on Saturday, and it was a blast. Of course, we were all crazy nervous (for really no reason) as we sat there waiting for other teams to perform. Cristina, bless her heart, was bouncing-on-the-edge-of-her-chair nervous… I think mostly nervous that the other teams would have better dance numbers or songs than us. Of course, sitting next to all that nervous energy was enough to make me anxious too (not to mention the fact that I’m really not a big fan of performing in front of people anymore. Talking, yes. Dancing, not so much).

Every school team (made up of all the advisors that will help corps members at that specific school) had to perform a song/dance number, so that meant watching nine groups perform before we got to go. It was fun to see everyone’s song choices (and the varying levels of … preparedness of each team), but it was not so much fun sitting and waiting, knowing you are performing last.

But of course we all remembered our lines and we got a standing ovation of sorts (mostly because our “conductor” was a very charismatic person), so I think it went well. Either way, it was pretty fun.

Waiting for the meeting to start… Our costumes were all-black
clothes, and then we wore our red lanyards around our heads. I
think we were trying for the gangster look, but I personally think
we all looked more like ninja turtles.

Here’s the email we got the night before containing the lyrics to our song:


(To “I Want It That Way”, by Backstreet Boys)

Under-table solos: yeahhahhh

OC s Together:



ODs Together:



All together:



W&R: Amelia Bedelia’s in the Resource Room

IT: Rep the tech team

We’ll fix your laptop real soon!

CC: E-blast it!

Com team keeps the brand clean!

All together:


Nice to meet you!

RO: Call Rez if you clog toilets!

TSE: Transportation!

Missing your bus is no sweat!


OO: OOT has more scissors than you’ll ever dream!

All together:


*Song Change* (to “Seasons of Love,” from Rent)

All Together:

3 million 25 thousand 4 hundred seconds

3 million 25 thousand acronyms here.

3 million 25 thousand 4 hundred seconds

How do we measure Student Achievement?

Group 1: In signage, in bus rides, in lock-outs, in data trackers

Group 2: In lanyards, in KIPs, in laughter and strife

All Together:

In 3 million 25 thousand 400 seconds

How do you measure Institute Life?

Boys: REMIX!

*Song Change* (To: “Youre a Jerk”)

Group 1: You gonna teach!

Group 2: I know.

(repeated 3 more times)


Music ends: YOU CAN DO IT! OPs CAN HELP!

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I finished the bulletin board a couple days ago but forgot to put up a final picture. It’s all ready for corps members and some good healthy competition.*

*Corps members and staff members can drop one bead per day into their school team milk jar, and the team with the highest percentage of participation over the course of Institute gets a pizza party for lunch (instead of brown bag lunch).

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Dance Practice

The Operations Team (Operations Coordinators and Operations Directors) are competing in this little dance competition tomorrow during the lunch hour against other staff teams (I’m guessing against Corps Member Adviser teams, etc), so we spent about an hour or so tonight after work practicing our little routine. Apparently the Ops Team blew everyone away last year, so there’s lots of (informal, all-in-good-fun) pressure to follow up this year with another great number.
While not exactly the way I’d love to be spending my evening (I was previously planning more along the lines of getting some sleep), it was fun to dance and sing to the Backstreet Boys’ song, “I Want It That Way.” Except that instead of the normal words, we changed it to a bunch of inside jokes and such about the Operations Team, as well as added a little snippet of “Seasons of Love” (from Rent) for spice.

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