Hot Oklahoma Summers

It is soooo hot here. The heat is almost unbearable. You can’t step outside without being enveloped in humidity, immediately feeling little beads of sweat form and slowly slide down the small of your back. If you don’t go for a run before 11 am, all exercise outside is out of the question until at least 9 pm, unless you want to die of a heat stroke. Air conditioning is turned on full blast in every building, and if you have a car with black leather seats, you risk serious butt/thigh burning if you can’t/forget to park in the shade (especially if you’re wearing shorts).

It’s a magical time, and I love it. I do believe that I will always look back on my two (brief) Oklahoma summers as two of the best summers I’ve ever spent. Last summer was filled with sand volleyball, ultimate, learning to live in the same apartment with rowdy, lovable boys, and lots of writing (I filled two notebooks).
This summer (my short two weeks of it) will be marked by laughter. I seriously haven’t laughed this much or this hard since I don’t know when. And its not like my roommates and I are regular comedians or anything. We’re just too goofy for our own good. For example, I’m pretty sure we spent a solid half-hour the other day comparing all the silly noises we can make. I think the heat is getting to our heads.

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