What Happens in Vegas…

Whenever I get on a plane headed for Vegas, I always like to play the “For Business or Pleasure?” guessing game. How many people are here to gamble? Work? Party? Who lives here? Who else is on this plane to visit family (like me)?

It’s actually quite a fun game. For example, the girl on my left was definitely going to Vegas for pleasure. She already had on heels and too much make-up, and I think I heard her mention “bachelorette party” to the man on the other side of her. The guy two rows down and three chairs over was definitely here for business, no contest. He was on his blue-tooth until the second the plane door closed and had his laptop on the second the flight attendant said the magic words, “It’s now safe to use all portable electronic devices.” And that group of girls in the back, the ones who cheered loudly on both take-off and landing, are definitely here for a good time. Hope its everything they ever wanted and more.
Regardless, I got off the plane in Vegas feeling pretty smug, because I was certain that I had the best trip planned of them all. I was going to see my baby niece.

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