Sunday in S.F.

Sunday was a pretty low-key day. Beth and I slept in super late and then had a nice heart to heart chat about life (over delicious coffee and Cheerios) while I waited for John to wake up across town (he was getting sick the night before, so I figured he should sleep in as late as possible to recover). Once he was up, and I was done getting ready, I took the bus across town to meet him at his aunt and uncle’s house (where he’s staying all summer remodeling their basement).
Once I got there, we rode bikes around Golden Gate Park a bit and then headed over to the beach. I’ve done quite a bit of bike riding over the last couple days. Normally I’m not a fan, but it’s really fun to see a new city on a bike, because you have a lot more time to admire your surroundings (as long as you pay attention to the road too). So the bike ride to the beach was really fun. We went through the Presidio, a forested area that surrounds the Golden Gate Bridge, and then rode down a long windy road, through an old military compound (now used for various things, including schools and housing), and down to the beach.
The view of the beach from my tummy. That’s John’s aunt and uncle
on the left, and his cousin Adelaide is in the sand fortress.
The Golden Gate Bridge from our spot on the beach.

After the beach, we got a ride home from his aunt and uncle (who we’d met at the beach), which was a life-saver. The ride down that hill was a blast, but the bike up would kill me.
Our last stop of the day was Chinatown, where we ate dinner on a tiny narrow balcony overlooking one of the many little streets in the labyrinth that is Chinatown.

Our balcony view at dinner
Chinatown at night

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