Last Day in San Francisco

Wednesday was my last day in San Francisco. We went to the DeYoung Museum, where we were thirty minutes too late to get into the visiting Impressionism Exhibit (they close that museum too early). So we just walked around the rest of museum for a bit, which was actually pretty small. But there were some cool things, like…

… the famous gumball picture.
An awesome miniature cathedral (about as high as my waste,
perhaps) made entirely out of thousands of deconstructed
guns. Talk about making a statement.
After the kinda failed attempt to go to the DeYoung Museum, we went down to the Fisherman’s Warf area. People had told us that it wasn’t much to see and just a big tourist trap, but we didn’t really have anything else on our list of things to do, so we went anyway. Those people were right. It was a huge tourist trap.
Oh well. At least we went. I got some neat pictures of the ocean and all (and challenged myself to take pictures that make the area look interesting). And we got to do some more walking around. Good for the heart.

We ended the evening with an absolutely delicious dinner at this awesome Vietnamese restaurant, where we spent over two hours eating Chilean sea bass wrapped in banana leaves, blackened cod, and the best green beans I’ve ever eaten.
It was the best ending to a great vacation in a beautiful city. I definitely want to go back and visit again.

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