Napa Valley Excursion

On Tuesday, John and I rented a car (since he doesn’t have one in S.F.) and we drove out to Napa Valley for the day. Before we left the San Francisco area though, our first stop of the day was the Mt. Tamalpais State Park (in Sausalito, across the bay). There we took a fun little one-hour hike (which was the perfect amount of time– 30 minutes in on the trail and 30 minutes out… long enough to see everything but still like the place when you leave).
And I look lots of pictures. Again.

You can’t really tell, but there is an ocean between those
hills, which is pretty awesome. In California, you can have both!

The woods there are beautiful. Everything is green, wildflowers are everywhere, and there is moss growing over all of it.
After our little hike, we hopped back in the car and drove about an hour to Napa Valley. Armed with an old navigator and a little brochure of various wineries, we were on a mission to find a winery with free wine tastings (key word here is free). We found one!
V. Sattui Winery
It was actually a very touristy little place, built as a tourist spot rather than starting as an authentic winery. But it was still really fun. The building resembled an old Tuscan villa, and beneath it was the wine cellar, a damp, warmly lit area full of giant barrels of wine and lots of fun facts/information about the winery’s history and the history of wine in California in general.

There was this beautiful courtyard to the side of the villa,
on the way to the wine cellar below.

I’m sure there is many a wedding held in this place.

The wine cellar

Our delicious wine-tasting adventure… If I’d had the money,
I would have purchased a bottle or two.
After our wine tasting, we bought a baguette and some
delicious spreadable cheese (can’t remember the name,
but it was exotic, I promise) and ate lunch on their lawn
under a giant leafy tree. It was so peaceful.

A familiar sight in these parts.

Some more roses… I couldn’t help taking pictures of them.

The roses here are ginormous and exquisite. Love, love, love.

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