Resource Room Complete!

We finally finished creating the Resource Room, and it looks AMAZING.
This evening we gave tours of our little oasis to a bunch of operations and instructional staff (so they can encourage the corps members they advise to visit the Resource Room), and it was funny how different the room automatically felt with other people in there.
Because aside from the occasional Resource Room Specialists (teachers who’ll be in the room once it opens, helping and giving advice to corps members), it has just been the four of us for the entire last week, chatting and sharing personal stories for hours on end as we unpack, set up, and make signs.
And because it has been just us for so long (at least it seems really long) we’ve created a nice little spot for ourselves. A little haven, so to speak. But now we have to share it, which feels weird. But sort of exciting at the same time. I was ready for people to see our amazing room and admire how much work we put into it.
It’s really interesting though, because it felt strange– and rather disappointing– to show our room, which took four people over five days of hard work to create, to a bunch of people who had absolutely no idea how much time and effort had gone into making that room look like it does now. The people walking through smiled and nodded and looked at the books, but they had no concept of how hard it was to make all those signs or organize those books logically. And that last part might seem easy, but it’s not. Especially when the team from the previous year left us with a less-than-clear picture of how to unpack everything and as a result, hundreds of books were out of order and had to be resorted.
My frustration honestly made me stop and think about all those other jobs out there in the world that I take for granted. I started wondering just how much time and energy other people’s jobs really take, and even just that thought (coupled with the experiences from this last week) definitely makes me appreciate other people (in general) more now.
More pictures of the Resource Room to come!

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