Dance Practice

The Operations Team (Operations Coordinators and Operations Directors) are competing in this little dance competition tomorrow during the lunch hour against other staff teams (I’m guessing against Corps Member Adviser teams, etc), so we spent about an hour or so tonight after work practicing our little routine. Apparently the Ops Team blew everyone away last year, so there’s lots of (informal, all-in-good-fun) pressure to follow up this year with another great number.
While not exactly the way I’d love to be spending my evening (I was previously planning more along the lines of getting some sleep), it was fun to dance and sing to the Backstreet Boys’ song, “I Want It That Way.” Except that instead of the normal words, we changed it to a bunch of inside jokes and such about the Operations Team, as well as added a little snippet of “Seasons of Love” (from Rent) for spice.


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