Corps Member Move-In Day

Yesterday (Sunday) was move-in day for corps members, and it felt very strange to have over 650 new people swoop down on 1300 (what we call the residence hall here).

The Resource Room, my little haven/place of work for the last couple weeks, remains untouched as of yet, thank goodness. We don’t open until Tuesday evening, so for now we still have some peace and quiet. Not so much for the other areas of 1300 though.
It’s funny because most of us OCs almost resent the intrusion of the corps members. Of course, we know that’s a silly reaction, because they are the entire reason we are here in the first place, which is to create an environment where upcoming corps members can most effectively learn to become teachers. But we’ve just gotten so used to the small number of us working and living together that it almost feels like the corps members are taking over our home. Which of course isn’t true in the least bit.
I’m on the fence, personally. I resent the individuals who come in and expect us to cater to their every need, without so much as a please or thank-you. I’m trying not to take their criticism personally (since they really don’t understand just how hard we’ve been working for their arrival).
But I also welcome their arrival because I’m excited to meet lots of new people. I can’t wait to see what things will be like around here once we all settle into some semblance of a routine.
At Registration, it was all hands on deck:
Checking in the new corps members and explaining how their
Temple student ID cards worked… I had that shpeel memorized.
I could probably say it in my sleep.
From the left: OCs– Geales, Kelcey (works in the Resource
Room with me), myself, and Jessica (the OC who was in charge
of making sure the entire day ran smoothly… huge task!)

More OCs (and Lindsey on the right– not an OC), handing
out pre-paid gym memberships and ethernet cords.

Steve, an Operations Director (OD), and Ashley, another OC…
They were giving people their name tags and other basics.

Megan, Stephan, and Marquita (more OCs), giving out name tags also.


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