Soooooo Hot

To use the words of a fellow OC… Holy heatwave! Today was a sweltering 102 DEGREES, and that’s not even counting humidity.
I think that if we had merely laughed at the rising mercury from inside the comfort of our chilly, over-AC’d offices, the heat would have failed to make such an impression on me. But on top of our daily ten minute trek to and from the dining hall, today was the first day of teaching children for corps members.
And because we are such awesome people (we were volunteering, so no $$$ for it), all the OCs surprised the corps members when they came back from teaching with dancing, blowing bubbles, and popsicles. We accosted them as they got off the bus– at NOON. Only the hottest time of the day up here in Philly.
Not to gross you out or anything, but I literally had beads of sweat rolling down the backs of my legs. Just from clapping and the occasional bounce up and down. Icky. After we were done, I had to shower again. And take a nap. That heat sucks all the energy out of you, no matter how much water you’re drinking. It’s something else.
But of course, having the heart of a cheerleader (Why didn’t I do that in highschool again? Oh that’s right. Because my friends and I made fun of them. But it still would have been fun. Another shoulda, coulda, I guess), I actually really enjoyed the mini pep rally as exhausted, over-heated (and slightly defeated) corps members got off the bus. And I loved the appreciative smiles we got from most of them. Those smiles (often no more than sheepish grins fighting to show through the exhaustion) made all the sweaty backs, sunburned foreheads, and subsequent heat headaches completely worth it.
Marquitta and I… LOVE her!

Geales, with that awesome smile, and Alyx… maybe not so happy
about picture time? Oh, and all the corps members got awesome
t-shirts that said 2010 Corps. I have one too, and it’s grrrrreat.

The view corps members had walking up to 1300…

You’d See: Lots of OCs dancing, waving, clapping, blowing soap bubbles
You’d Hear: Loud pump-up music blaring from huge speakers by the building
…. and….
“Congrats on finishing your first day of teaching!”
…. and….
“Grab a t-shirt. Popsicles are inside. You’re awesome!”
You’d Smell: baking concrete, soap bubbles, and B.O. (maybe not so great)
You’d Taste: deliciously cold popsicles, refreshing after a sweltering bus ride
You’d Touch: lots of high fives, the beating sun on your skin, sticky humidity

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