The New Breakfast of Champions

I love Cheerios. Those little golden donuts of wholesome goodness have recently become my favorite snack food and my new best friends when I’m trying to stay awake and energized at 11 p.m.
It all started when, at the beginning of institute, I brought a ziplock bag to the cafeteria one day and filled up my little baggie with Cheerios. I figured that I really need breakfast to survive the summer but I knew that I would never be waking up early enough to get to the cafeteria before 8 am. Not happening when I work until 12 a.m. and don’t start working again until 2 p.m. So naturally, I started filling my bag of Cheerios on a regular basis (along with taking a banana). A girl’s got to eat.
This brilliant plan recently hit a snag when I read in the weekly E-Blast TFA sends to corps members (and staff) that the Temple dining hall kindly requests we stop taking food out of their cafeteria. They basically told us that they need to serve large numbers of people every day and cannot do that when we take all of their food with us when we leave.
So I guess the dining hall crew doesn’t appreciate my resourcefulness very much. And in hindsight, I probably could have been more subtle about my food-hoarding tendencies. So now I take less food (just one piece of fruit a day) and fill a bowl with Cheerios and take that to my table before putting it in my ziplock bag (instead of filling my bag to the brim at the cereal station).
I feel that this is an appropriate compromise. I’m not taking as much as I used to, but I’m still getting enough for a healthy midday snack. Besides, other people don’t seem to like Cheerios (no one ever wants any when I offer), so I feel that it’s acceptable for me to take a little with me. At least I’m not pilfering the popular stuff, like Captain Crunch.

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