Leaving Philadelphia (In Letters)


(7:00 a.m.)

Dear Alarm on Phone,

Thank you for not going off and waking up all eight or ten of us sleeping on Megabed.
(7:04 a.m.)
Dear Internal Alarm,
Thank you for waking me up, even when my phone alarm didn’t. Because of you, I didn’t miss my train.
Dear Friends,
You were all sleeping so soundly that I didn’t want to wake you up. But I shall miss all y’all so very much. And I was serious about being pen pals. That’s gonna happen!
(9:00 a.m.)
Dear Train Stations,
Thank you for existing. You brought me so much joy today as I sat eating my quiche and waiting to board my train.
(9:56 a.m.)
Dear Train from Philadelphia, PA to Wilmington , Delaware,
I am in love. Thank you for allowing me to check “Riding on a train” off my bucket list.

But I do wish that you hadn’t been such a short part of my trip. A thirty-minute train ride is not nearly long enough. You will see me again.
(11:05 a.m.)
Dear Greyhound Bus to Salisbury (Maryland),
Thank you for giving me a huge cold.
Dear Huge Cold,
Thank you for being nice and not showing any symptoms until I got on a plane Friday morning for Arizona.
(5:25 p.m.)
Dear Shiloh,
Thank you for greeting me with a giant bear hug when I got off the bus. It was so great to see you. And thank you for introducing me to your daughter Lydia and showing me your cute little home.
At first she’s not so sure what to make of me…
… but then she decides to give me a chance.

Making new friends!


Maybe not…

Also, I love that you allowed me to share in a little slice of your domestic comfort for an evening. I am now seriously considering a purchase of that Wii dance game (and I can’t get the dance moves for “Hot n’ Cold” out of my head).
(10:30 p.m.)
Dear Shiloh and Joe,
Thank you for ensuring that I got my daily intake of calcium and riboflavin — in the form of the biggest (and most delicious) ice cream sundae ever.
Aaand… thank you Shiloh for giving me a ride to Philadephia when I missed my bus. You are the best friend a girl could ask for.

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