Top Moments in Philadelphia (Part 1)

Because I loved this experience and the people I met soooo much, I though I’d recap on just how awesome this summer was. Thanks for indulging me!

Moroccan Food Field Trip

About mid-institute, the operations team celebrated the arrival of our first paycheck with a food field trip to a Moroccan restaurant. Directions to the place were basically, “Walk down a narrow alley and knock on the large wooden door with the green awning.”

And so we did, and a delicious seven course meal followed, the likes of which I hope very much to be able to experience again. The blog of my fellow coworker Geales has pictures …
Cab Rides
If you are gonna take a taxi, sit in the front seat. It’s by far the best part about the ride, because up there you can make friends with the driver. Conversations usually begin with a question on my part (most aren’t talkative until you open the door to conversation)– my standard Q is, “So how long have you been driving taxis?”
I’ve discovered that most drivers have the same standard answer. “Oh, about twenty years now,” they say. They probably say this so that I think to myself, Wow, this cab driver is so experienced. How reassuring!

And this used to be my reaction. That is, until the line is used on me by a kid that couldn’t possibly have been more than five or six years older than me. So unless he started driving a taxi when he was still in single digits, I don’t believe him. And now anyone else, for that matter.
But if I hadn’t made it a habit of sitting in the front seat, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to have such interesting conversations, nor would I have gotten to chat with the cab driver who kept saying that the smartest people always sit in the front seat (buttering me up for a tip, no doubt) and who plans to write a book someday about his antics called, This Cabbie is Full. I told him that I’d keep a look-out for his book. And I guess I’ll admit it– I did tip him a little extra.
Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens
Discovering Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens almost by accident and taking a crazy amount of artsy pictures (and eating my first Philly cheesesteak)… such a good day.
Also, I think that as far as places go, the Magic Gardens are one on my top favorite places in all the city. There’s just something so beautiful about a place completely overrun by art.

Sushi and Jessica’s 21st Birthday Party
For my coworker Jessica’s 21st birthday, all the OCs went out for sushi and decadent chocolate to celebrate her day.
The best part was sharing a meal together as a “family” and realizing that we have all become such wonderful friends. The sad part was realizing that we would soon be leaving each other for our old lives, which suddenly seemed so much less cool or important at that moment.

My awesome coworkers and I — birthday girl is in yellow,
if the tiara didn’t give it away already.

Love these two with all my heart!
TO BE CONTINUED… (trust me, this is going to be a looooooong blog)

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  1. Can I just say that this was one of the best days of my life??? I want to do it again.

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