Top Moments in Philadelphia (Part 3)

CONTINUED FROM FRIDAY… The final installment of all that I loved about Philadelphia. I’m going to miss that place and the wonderful people I met.

Exploring Philadelphia
My first time out in Philly alone (on my first real weekend), I took an audio walking-tour of the most historic square mile in the United States. With GPS Gina as my “guide,” I traversed that mile in my snazzy new sunglasses (which replaced the ones that went flying off my head on the Golden Gate Bridge) and some sturdy tennis shoes. Such a fun excursion!
Independence Hall

The Second National Bank

Military Museum

Christ Church Cemetery – the final resting place of Benjamin Franklin
and four other signers of the Declaration of Independence.

On the second weekend of institute, the girls in a room down the hall decided to move their four mattresses into their living room, on the floor, and connect them in one giant bed — lovingly termed MegaBed. Only something like that could come out of such a fun/crazy room as 401N. Love those girls.
MegaBed became a thing of normal conversation and “Mega” became a standard prefix for everything (“mega-fun” was a favorite). Also, MegaBed became known to other staff members at institute, including our bosses and our bosses boss. Even a few corps members knew of MegaBed. So funny.
Sadly, I only got to experience MegaBed on the very last night we were at institute, because previously I had considered waking up in my own bed as an issue of utmost importance. But now, with the opportunity to snuggle and chat into the wee hours of the night with the 401 Family far behind me, I wish I’d joined them every night.
The invitation posted in the hall for all to be
a part of MegaBed on the last night of institute…
it didn’t pan out in the end, but no matter. 401N was
still a happenin’ place! =)
Waking Up to Happy Messages in our Hallway
The one advantage of living where you are working is that once and a while, our managers liked to show their appreciation for us in the form of happy messages on our door or large banners across the hallway. It was the best way to start a morning.

Solo Adventures into the City
Feeling cooped up in 1300 one morning, I decided to go into Olde City and find a good place to write for a while. I ended up getting coffee in a little coffee shop off a narrow cobblestone street (after escaping the rain in a small bookstore), and it finally felt like I was a part of the city.
the lovely little bookstore

And without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite parts of Philadelphia was:

My Amazing, Inspirational, Crazy, Loving, Beautiful Team
While I hesitate to get all dramatic because I don’t want you to think I’m crazy or whatnot, I am sure that the greatest growth and some of the best moments this summer came from my team.
Not only did we have a really fun job (who doesn’t love working with children’s books all summer?!), but we became really close as friends. And oddly enough, we went through a lot together. It was a big summer for each of us in our own lives, but we were all there to help each other out (think lots of hugs and long conversations– sometimes when we were supposed to be working. Woops!).

Me, Molly (our manager), Cristina, and Kelcey

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