Current Happenings

Since getting into town on Wednesday night, things have been busy. I have lots to do in the next few days before school starts. Just hope I can get it all done!
So far my time at home has consisted of:
— an “early morning” run around 10 a.m., during which I decided to jog over to the football stadium and run up and down the stairs. Until I got there and 1) was too tired and 2) couldn’t get in because of football practice. So I stood at one of the gates and admired those boys running around in tight pants for a bit. I scooted before anyone caught me ogling though — I’m not sure they’d believe me if I said I was just checking out their cute butts. Those security guards take spying very seriously around here.
— a two-hour long meeting with the faculty advisor and Vice President of the Student Film Production Club (SFPC). I am really excited (and nervous) about being President this year, and so maybe I went a little overboard with our agenda. It was super long and really thorough. But at least this way, we have now hashed out all our ideas for the upcoming year and we’re ready to start. Can’t wait!

— biking everywhere. Dios mio, was it hot yesterday! I don’t have a car and so my means of transportation to campus is my beautiful little red Shwinn (much like the green Schwinn pictured here, except, well, mine’s red). This means no air conditioning. Lots of sweating. Sticky grossness as I enter buildings and hurriedly try to look presentable.
— “unpacking” my room. I use this term loosely. So far, some things are out of boxes, but nothing has a home. The problem is that I am missing key furniture items (such as a desk and dresser), so I have nowhere to put anything even if I were to unpack it all. This needs to be solved. Dear Universe, please have a beautiful desk and dresser arrive on my doorstep in the next few days. Preferably for free. Thanks a million!
— a massive grocery shopping trip to Walmart. Starting a new kitchen is expensive. Those basic items that are “always” in the refrigerator or pantry, like mustard, basil, and tuna fish, actually need to be purchased at some point. Weird, I know. So that’s what I did last night… I bought most of my basics. Like my roommate MBlock said, “Life without food is no life at all.” Or something like that. (Side note: In order to protect the innocent — or unknowingly-on-my-blog– I think I’m gonna changed the names of my lovely housemates to MBlock, BStidd, TSlapp, and VMill. We’ll see how long this resolution lasts.)
My To Do List (before classes start):
(1.) Purchase books online. Hooray for Amazon, and double hooray for taking a Shakespeare class — the books are fun and cheap.
(2.) Finish unpacking/setting up room. Try not to obsess over the decorating.
(3.) Put some of my old books online so other people can buy them. Yay money!
(4.) CCEW Boot Camp (training for my business internship this fall).
(5.) Stand at a few involvement fair booths for SFPC, pass out mints, and convince people that our club is the answer to their prayers.
(6.) Buy soccer socks. I foolishly agreed to be a part of a community rec soccer team this fall. While I made it abundantly clear to my team captain that I have almost zero knowledge of the rules of soccer (not an exaggeration) and my feet are remarkably uncoordinated when it comes to kicking things, he didn’t seem to think that was an issue. Maybe he thinks I’m just being modest. I’m not. But I’m playing anyway. Should be fun.
(7.) See Inception, which I meant to see when I was in Tucson. Woops. Because while most people just saw this movie for fun, I HAVE to see this movie. Everyone in my classes will be talking about it during the first week of school, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a teacher started lecturing on it. So this is a necessity. I know, it’s a hard life.

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