Dryer Issues

For the last few weeks, our dryer has been terrible. It never dries our clothes completely on the first cycle, and sometimes we have to put our clothes in three or four times before they are dry. We couldn’t figure it out and sorta chalked it up to cheap appliances, like the rest of the house (Lesson for future home purchasing: Thoroughly examine the little things, like weather-stripping and quality of appliances. Be not hypnotized by new carpet and granite countertops).
Last night, Valerie pulled out her still soggy jeans from their third drying cycle.
“What is wrong with this dryer?!” she exclaimed.
But then, like a flash of genius, it hit me– what was the situation with the dryer lint? I was surprised none of us had thought of it before.
So I hopped up to check. And sure enough, out came the most honkin’, epic piece of multi-colored dryer lint I have ever seen. Valerie and I could not stop laughing.
I’ve included a picture for your appreciation. The sticky note says: “Do not throw away until everyone has seen it,” and there is an arrow pointing to it labeled, “epic dryer lint.” I kept my hand in the picture for scale.

It’s a wonder we didn’t burn the house down.

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