A Beautiful Weekend

I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to live in a house with my four best friends this year. Nothing compares to living with people you love. It’s comfortable and comforting.

In the mornings, we’ll brew coffee for each other and call out, “Have a good day, dear!” as we leave, just like good fifties housewives. We cook for each other once a week-ish, so that we’ll all have at least one real meal a week (with plenty of leftovers for later). On Friday afternoons we clean together, as our kitchen is always a disaster after a long week of piling the dishes high (since we’re too busy to pick up after ourselves in the midst of classes), and on weekends we lounge around together, like a real family on Sunday mornings.

Yesterday morning was one of those mornings. Good for your soul. I woke up early (as did the rest of the house), and we lounged around all morning in the living room, each of us doing something pleasant, like reading or chatting (a.ka. anything unrelated to school). The weather has been glorious, so we opened both doors to the house and let the cross breeze cool the room, to the soundtrack of birds chirping in a nearby tree. 
My leisure activity was setting up my easel by one of the doors and painting for a few hours. I am trying this new art technique called impasto, where you spread paint on the canvas really thick with a palette knife, and I love it. Probably because it combines two of my favorite things — creating pretty things and playing with textured goop. Seriously. Playing with paint (or flour or icing or whatever) is one of my favorite parts of painting (and baking and everything else). So. much. fun.

So far I’m pretty happy with the way the painting looks. It needs just one afternoon or morning more and it should be done. And then it’s on to my next painting…

My plan is to paint tons and tons more paintings and fill the house with them. I want to paint a three-panel spread for my bathroom, a three-panel spread for over the living room couch, and a few more paintings to spice up my bedroom. After that, I’m taking requests.

And since I can work quickly with impasto, there’s a chance that I’ll at least finish both three-panel pictures by the end of this semester– if I complete at least one painting every two weeks. I think I can do it, since Saturday mornings have already been designated as my painting days and so far I’ve done a pretty good job sticking with it. I’m excited to have a house full of paintings again– just one more reason getting a house is one of the best decisions my friends and I have ever made.


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