Power Week Commence!

It’s one of those whopper weeks. You know, the “plan everything down to the half hour, lunch on the go, never see your roommates” kind of weeks. When I think about it, the whole month of September has been a whopper month. I look forward to things settling down a bit after applications and all those extras are no longer due.

At least there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel… The OU/TX football game (aka The Red River Rivalry) is this upcoming weekend, and my girlfriends and I are headed down to Dallas to enjoy the game. Well, I’m not going to the game, since I didn’t get a ticket. But a few of us plan on finding a local establishment during which we plan to appreciate all the tackles and tight pants on a wide-screen television. And since the weekend is really just all one big event, I definitely don’t feel like I’m missing out by not standing in the packed stadium fighting the potential elements for hours on end. I’m happy with a glass of ice water and a seat at the bar, thank you!


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