Fried Food, Football and Friends (cont’d)

Finding a good place to watch the OU/TX football game turned out to be a bit of an adventure. Our first inclination was to head to the end of the West End, to the House of Blues. Tess had heard something about it, so I figured that was recommendation enough to at least check it out.

Our wanderings took us by these awesome glasses… I want a pair!
When we got to the House of Blues, we got in some random line outside one of the front doors, which took us up to the top floor. We didn’t know where we were headed, so I kinda feel lucky that we ended up in a restaurant and not some creepy haunted floor or raunchy strip club.

The restaurant ended up being this exotic Indian food place, complete with cloth-covered walls, plush pillows around knee-high tables, and dim lighting. It was beautiful, and would be an absolute blast to go on a date or take a group of friends there. But it wasn’t exactly the football atmosphere we were looking for. After taking some pictures to document the moment, we snuck back down the elevator.

Before we left the House of Blues entirely, however, we wandered around the building’s many levels and rooms. It kinda reminded me of Dante descending through the various levels of Hell or whatnot (except that it wasn’t anything remotely like Hell). But it was fun to explore, because each room we walked through was distinctly different from the last in decorations and atmosphere… Thinks going from plush Indian carpeting to heavy-metal scream-o band. 
Finally we ended up at Hooters (classy, I know), where it was already packed. Definitely a football game atmosphere. The hostess said the wait would be anywhere between 30 minutes and four hours– depending if anyone left during the game. That was unlikely. 
We were about to give up and try somewhere else when we noticed a gap at the bar. There weren’t any seats there, but there was definitely space. So we convinced some guys to let us squeeze in next to them, pulling up tall stools from nearby tables. Randomly, Tess ended up knowing one of the guys, so we weren’t even sitting next to complete strangers either.

The game was a blast. We won, 28-20. And our seats at the bar were prime real estate — we had a perfect view of numerous TVs and all it took was flagging down the bartender to get something to eat/drink. No wait time. So naturally I took advantage of that, eating a giant burger before kick-off, followed by fried pickles during half-time. And I probably drank at least ten tall glasses of Pepsi. At least. I mean, those games last foreeeeeever.

It was pretty late by the time the game ended, and Tess and I headed back to the hotel (where the car was still parked) to wait for Brittany and Valerie. I fell asleep while we were waiting.

Once they joined us, we piled into the car and drove to Fort Worth (about 45 minutes away). We ate at this really fun mexican restaurant called Joe T. Garcia’s, which is super famous (locally) and takes up almost an entire square block. It is surrounded by a high wall, and inside it is full of fountains, overgrown plants, tall trees, and giant terracotta pots. It’s so big (and beautiful) that you could have your wedding reception on one end of the plaza, and the place could still be open for business on the other.

After dinner, we went to Billy Bob’s for some good ol’ two-stepping. I’d never done it before, but it was so so so so much fun. I LOVE DANCING!

The place itself was pretty neat. It’s all one open room (no walls), and on one end of the building was a large stage where Clint Black was playing (woot for live music!), and on the other end was an area with casino and arcade-type games. In the center of it all was a dance floor. Perfect for two-stepping.

Apparently there is place similar to Billy Bob’s in Oklahoma City that my roommate Madison has been trying to get everyone to go to for a while now. I was always pretty lukewarm about the idea, but now…. now that I know what it means to two-step (oh the spinning!), I’d be happy to spend every Friday night there. And so, with only one year left of school, I just might buckle and buy myself some cowboy boots— A girl’s gotta dance.


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