That’s a Wrap!

Today was the last day of filming. Overall, I think we logged about eight hours of filming for a seven minute short film… not bad!

We filmed outside on my back “patio” (the empty space where there should be a fire pit… the one and only time I’ve been grateful that our landlord hasn’t built it yet), where I set up a garage sale using things pulled from my house. I borrowed a clothing rack from a friend (so random and perfect that they had one), and I put my bike and my roommate’s grill up “for sale.” I also used a couple old boxes of clothes that need to go to Goodwill, and a ton of odds and ends from around the house. It probably took me collectively half an hour to find all that stuff (and then put it away later). But in the end, I think it was a pretty good-looking garage sale.

Filming outside is always a challenge, because the weather can be so temperamental (especially in Oklahoma). At one point, there were ominous rain clouds rolling in from the northwest, and I thought we might have to finish shooting for the day. But things went our way, and the clouds continued on their merry way to the north of us.

We did, however, get a couple of those spontaneous rain sprinkles where it is sunny and warm, but still raining. The first time it happened, we grabbed the camera in a panic and ran for cover. After a hurried minute of putting away all our garage sale items, however, the clouds cleared. So much for that. It happened a couple more times, but when it happened again, we were ready to protect the camera with an umbrella (so we just sat there and waited the 30 seconds for the sky to clear again).

On top of the filming challenges, today was also the most intense day for the actors as far as performances go. There was some yelling and crying and throwing things around, and I couldn’t be happier with their performances. So happy.

I am going to edit a rough draft of the film tonight and then let it simmer. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll look over it again and tweak it, and then it’s burn time. Then class on Tuesday, where I’ll turn in the film, storyboard, script, shot list, production log, and a short paper explaining a bunch of stuff. Lots to do (and remember to bring to class).

But overall, I’m really happy with the way everything went. I don’t how the footage looks yet (still hunting around for a mini-USB to transfer the footage), but I’m optimistic.

Mid-action shot, knocking over the dollhouse.
Kaleb blocking out the sunlight on Kyndal’s face (our garage sale owner)…
“You’re gonna have to pay for that.”
Some more action shots
Waiting for the train to pass. SO. LOUD.
There were so many different shots in this scene.
(Also, please admire the pretty camera)

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