Shake, Rattle and Roll

There was an earthquake in Oklahoma today. Never thought that would happen.

I was at work, sitting at the bottom of Old Science Hall waiting for perspective students to finish their appointment with the Education Abroad office, and all the sudden the building started shaking. I’d say it only lasted about twenty or thirty seconds, but it was long enough to shake everything around me (and apparently knock things off the dresser at home).

It was fun to sit there watching the building shudder and all, but the reactions of people were the best part of the whole thing. I was in the hall, which was prime real estate for listening to conversations in the room around me. Tons of heads popped outside, a few people evacuated the building in case of another one, and most people just wanted to know if other people had felt that too. I overheard the girl telling the perspective students that it was the class getting out of session above them (which I thought was pretty hilarious).

And naturally, after taking the kids to their next appointment, I checked my Facebook and practically everyone in the Norman area had updated their status about it. So those were entertaining to read as well.

Oh, and the emergency text system from OU sent this out to everyone as well:

The following is a message from President David Boren:
The United States Geological Survey has reported a 4.3 magnitude earthquake 6 miles to the east of Norman, OK. No injuries have been reported on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus.

All in all, a pretty eventful morning.


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