Bloody Brilliant

So I may or may not be obsessed with greeting cards. All cards, in fact. When I’m somewhere new, I’ll drop five dollars on postcards easy. And I can’t even pass the card aisle without buying something, which means I usually avoid that part of Walmart instinctively. Hey, I’m not made of money.

I’d like to think I have good reason to purchase ungodly amounts of greeting cards though. I keep in contact with so many people through the mail these days (who doesn’t love a traditional letter?), that I can easily buy a pack of ten cards and send every single one of them fanning out across the country the next day. Yup. I have that many friends. Be jealous.

And if you are one of those friends, get excited. I feel a splurge coming on, of which you’d be the lucky recipient. Please admire the brilliant, absolutely hilarious cards at The deadpan humor kills me.

Can’t wait to share the sarcasm with others.


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