President Boren Takes a Paycut

I definitely have a lot of respect for OU’s President, David Boren. He’s a really neat guy in person who absolutely loves talking to students when he gets the chance.

And he has an open-door policy. So if you have a real problem with someone, you can actually just go walking into his office to give him a piece of your mind. I have yet to hear of someone abusing that privilege, and I think it’s pretty neat that Boren does that.

Also, I just found out that, in light of all the projected budget shortfalls, Boren is voluntarily taking a pay cut. Now that is something I really respect. At a time when the OU football assistant coaches are getting a pay raise (I know, it’s a different budget. But still… it’s the principle of the thing), our president, who works tirelessly for this university, is offering to work just as hard for less, in order to help OU succeed. That’s commendable.

OU President David Boren recently addressed the Faculty Senate about potential budget shortfalls, Shilling said. Boren will be taking a 6-percent paycut and OU vice presidents will see a 2- to 3-percent paycut depending on their pay grade. Boren said OU department heads should prepare for budget cuts upward to 5 percent.

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