Writing a Novel: Day 3

Status: Enthusiastic and loving it.
Word Count: 1048

I’m definitely not as far along as I’d like to be with my word count, but other than that, I’m loving this whole writing a novel business. I forgot how much I absolutely love writing fiction. I enjoy blogging and all, but that’s just telling you what’s already on my mind. But with fiction, there’s a rush, an almost heady feeling, when I hit on a good idea. When a plot point works, the dialogue snaps, and the characters and their motivations start making sense, life is good. There’s no better feeling.

That being said, on practical terms, I really do wish I was further along in my word count.

Yes, I do realize that I only have twelve days left. And yes, I kinda think I’m delusional too. But I’m having so much fun!


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