Writing a Novel: Day 8

Status: Elated
Word Count: 6388


*insert happy dance here*

After literally calling every place I’d been on Sunday (that poor woman at Barnes and Noble sounded really concerned for my well-being when I thanked her, in a super depressing voice, for checking the Lost & Found for me), and after taking every single gum wrapper and wad of paper out of both Valerie’s and my backpack in search of the flash drive, I still couldn’t find it. It was nowhere to be found.

I’d basically given it up as lost, and defeated, I couldn’t pull myself to do any more writing. I’d just lost so many words (and such good ideas) that it felt like it didn’t matter how much I wrote anymore.

Then, I was packing my backpack for the day, and I picked up a pencil to put in my backpack. I have those little circular pockets in my backpack just for pens and pencils, but I couldn’t put the pencil anywhere because they were all full. And that’s when I saw it! The flash drive had been shoved into one of those tiny little pockets!

I’m so glad I found it. Now I can start writing again. But before I do, I am going to save that stinkin’ story in a couple hundred different places all over my computer. I’ll never risk losing it again.


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