Defensive Dancing

Last night was a good night with friends. It was girl’s night, and we went out to Campus Corner (an area north of campus full of bars, restaurants and little boutiques) and got our dance on.

And we wore heels. A rare — but oh so fun — occurrence.

A word of caution though. High heels may make for great legs, but they are subpar when it comes to dancing. Well, excellent for dancing, but subpar when it comes to walking the next day after dancing a bunch the night before. My feet are sooooooore.

But it was so much fun. So worth it.

There’s just something about dancing. I love it. Not the silly grinding with no rhythm stuff though. That’s lame and takes zero talent. I’m talking the salsa dancing, shake your booty (appropriately, of course), fast footwork stuff. The “to hell with trying to be sexy, I just want to dance” stuff.

Now that’s what I call a good time.

The problem with going out dancing, however, is that certain people– namely those with a Y chromosome– tend to get the wrong idea. When some guys (and I do saysome, because not all guys are this bad) see a group of girls move at any faster tempo than a sway, they automatically start thinking about how they should go over and interrupt their good time with a little male companionship.

I have no idea where these ideas come from. As I may have mentioned before, my “sexy dancing” skills are completely lacking. I don’t think there’s possibly an inappropriate way to interpret The Sprinkler. That I’m aware of.

And yet someone always manages to do so.

Way too many college guys seemed to have skipped class on the day they covered “The Correct Way to Pick Up Women.”

My “favorite” is when they come up behind you and just start grinding on you. No hello, no “Would you like to dance?,” and almost always no rhythm.

Since when does that ever sound like a good idea?

Oh hey! Maybe she wont notice that I’m all up in her business! Or maybe she’ll be flattered that I am completely abandoning all social norms and initiating completely inappropriate contact while she’s having a good time with her friends!

So not cool.

Anyway, dancing last night was fun. Constantly running away from guys was not.

That being said, I still love dancing. Probably always will.

I went to bed last night pondering. If only there was a way to solve this predicament…

And then today — as if in perfect answer to my soul searching– I found this YouTube video.


I will be practicing this fervently until the next time we put our dancing shoes on.

Creepy boys, you have been warned.


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