My Life Has Been Irrevocably Altered

After about eight months of desperate longing and saving and more longing, I decided that it was officially time to purchase myself a nice camera. A real camera. A camera that takes pictures in incredible quality and has an adjustable focus and adjustable shutter speed (basically, adjustable everything).

So on Saturday, Val and I drove to Best Buy and walked to the camera section of the store. A salesman approached.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes. I want to buy that camera. Please.”

I think he was a bit taken back by my abruptness. Easiest sale he’s ever made.

But hey, when a woman knows what she wants, she knows what she wants.

Of course, then I had to send another sales guy to the back to find my sales guy because I’d accidently pointed at the wrong camera.

The salesman came back with my camera in a beautiful box.

“Do you need anything else? I would actually recommend getting a lens flare—”

“Yes, I’d like that too. Please.”

I was so excited that I was having a hard time being polite. I just wanted to hold my camera. Because it was already mine, naturally.

The human bond with her camera cannot be explained. It’s like magic. Only cooler.

The sales guy continued to hold my box while we walked up to the customer service register. I was a bit irritated that he wasn’t letting me carry it. It’s mine!

But of course, he was also helping me out. The in-store price tag read $849.99, and I was pretty darn sure that the online store price (and the price I was quoted when I called in that morning) was $798.99. And not a penny more. The sales guy was going to relay this information on to the customer service lady so that she’d give me the discount.

Which was nice of them. Except that I’m fairly positive that if I hadn’t said anything, they would have taken me for the $50. Uncool.

But they couldn’t because I didn’t let them — though they made that money back and more when I purchased a warranty package.

All in all, my price tag for the visit was just baaaaaarely under four digits. I’ve never dropped that much money on a single purchase in my entire life. My car in high school didn’t even cost that much.

The swipe of plastic that followed felt very satisfying.

And now, I am the proud owner of a beeeeeeaaaautiful, brand new Canon Rebel T2i.



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