Too Much FB PDA

Dear Guys in Love with Girls,

Please don’t share that information with the world on Facebook. We don’t need to know. Pillow talk is called pillow talk for a reason, and it belongs in the bedroom.

Whisper sweet nothings in private. It doesn’t belong permanently inscribed in zeros and ones, deep in the recesses in cyberspace. Because first of all, that’s impersonal. Go buy her flowers. Typing up a love note [shouldn’t] cut it anymore.

And when a long status pops up in my newsfeed about the luster of her eyes and how her beauty is only outshone by her intelligence, I don’t think it’s romantic. I want to gag.

Too much public display of affection. And yes, PDA still counts as PDA on Facebook.

Knock it off.


Girl Wanting to Creep on People While Keeping My Food Down


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