About Me

My name is Virginia and I am a full-time film student at the University of Oklahoma. I originally hail from Montana, though I now have the privilege of claiming Tucson, AZ as my permanent address. 

I have been blogging for over six years now through various blogs, and if there were a way to make money off this thing, I’d quit my day job pronto (one of them, at least).

Other inconsequential tidbits about myself:

I laugh too loudly.

I cannot live without my planner, and when things get busy, I schedule out my days down to the half hour (including penning in time for friends and food). 

My dream job is getting paid to travel the world and write about it.

I steal pens from establishments whenever I can get away with it and I cannot pass a stationary aisle without buying a set of notecards.
I have boycotted purchasing a moleskin notebook for years now (because I’ve heard only “poser” writers have those), but secretly, I want one terribly.
I didn’t realize I have a mild case of OCD until my friend Madison pointed out that I cannot look at a messy desk without straightening everything to perfect 90 degree angles. 


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