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Loving Me Some Food Blogs

My newest obsession is cooking blogs. I can’t get enough of ’em. I keep finding new ones, reading through them, falling in love and getting really hungry. I’ve taken to copying all the tasty (easier) recipes onto blank Word documents with the intent of printing them when I get to Norman.

It started out innocently enough. My first love was Pioneer Woman, though I loved her more for her wit and entertaining stories than for her cooking. But I did try a few of her recipes (one of which I have now cooked three times over the break for different people) and I love them.

After Pioneer Woman came The Menu Mama, who is actually an old friend of the family’s. Heather has two little kids and focuses her blog on helping people plan for the week ahead, including a grocery list for the beginning of every week (which I think is brilliant). She’s also great because her meals rely on ingredients that I could easily find in my own pantry — no fancy-schmancy spices and impossible-to-pronounce cheeses.

These blogs I admired passively, browsing through and appreciating but not needing.

Then I went to Montana for part of Christmas break and took it upon myself to help my dad find some easy new recipes that he can make on Sundays (and in turn, find some good recipes for myself). And of course, where would you go for recipes except online?

So with that challenge in mind, I went through the links on Ree and Heather’s blogs and found Bakerella, Smitten Kitchen, and a plethera of other awesome, delicious, super cool cooking (and baking) blogs.

With all these blogs to browse through, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase an actual cookbook now. What’s the point? It’s all online.

Kinda makes me feel bad for the poor publishing industry.

Until I google how to make the perfect brown rice and I immediately get a good fifty or sixty recipes.

From now on, I think I’ll just grab my favorite recipes from all these great blogs and combine them in a binder or something. It’s better that way anyway, because then it’s personalized.

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Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies

It was a productive weekend. Just Valerie and I were at the house, so it was quiet, the house stayed clean (it’s way easier to clean up after just two people), and we got a lot of work done. And yet, even though getting a ton of homework and studying done should make me feel really accomplished and all, I actually consider our little try at baking as one of best parts of the weekend. 

We made peanut butter cookies. But not just any peanut butter cookies. These babies are special.

Why, you ask?

Because they are quite possibly the easiest thing to bake on the planet, and I can almost guarantee you have every item in your kitchen cabinet/fridge (except maybe chocolate).

The kicker: It’s only FOUR ingredients. Easy as pie. 

The Easiest, Most Delicious Peanut Butter Cookies on the Planet

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
Hershey’s kisses (or chocolate chips)

Mix the peanut butter, sugar and egg in a bowl. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. While the cookies are cooling on the sheet, press the kisses in their centers (or melt chocolate chips in separate dish in microwave and then pour in the center of the cookies). 

Viola! Pure deliciousness!

Last cookie on the plate, prior to being devoured by me.

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I will become a Super Cook!

The lifesaver of every person who has ever looked in their pantry and said, I have nothing to make! No ingredients! Oh, what to do?! to the rescue! Just plug in all the ingredients in your pantry, and it will look for ALL THE RECIPES that use only those ingredients. Brilliant.

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Some Interesting Food Preparation Techniques

Since coming to college, I have discovered that there are a few things I learned growing up under the guidance of my mother that are not the … er… typical way of doing things. Most of these discoveries have come from the area of food preparation and storage. 

For example, most people don’t keep their peanut butter in the fridge. It’s usually in a less petrified consistency, making it easier to spread, when it lives in the pantry. Also, expirations dates exist for a reason. They are not negotiable.
Today, I learned that most people think storing hotdogs in the freezer is weird. I guess hotdogs usually stay in the fridge? This was news to me. Mom always froze our hotdogs, and they would thaw as they boiled. Also — you can microwave them. Crazy, right?!
However, today my roommate kindly pointed out to me that this freezing business was unnecessary. After all, “hot dogs are 20% meat and 80% preservatives.” Too true.

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Coffee with the Hortons

A week or so ago, I had arranged to meet with an old professor of mine on Monday (today) to catch up on our summers. But we’d forgotten that today was Labor Day and therefore he wouldn’t be in the office. But instead of canceling or rescheduling, he invited me over to his home for a cup of coffee with him and his wife.

I have been to their house a couple times before for various networking/dinner parties that they hold every so often for creative minds in the Oklahoma area (they call it a Writers Block Party), but never have I been to their house on a quiet Monday morning for coffee.
It was so much fun! The two of them, along with a group of old friends, had taken a trip up to Montana this summer to explore Glacier National Park, so they told me of their adventures and put on this DVD in the background that was basically a slideshow of gorgeous pictures of the park. It made me so homesick. I miss the mountains!!!
We also talked about my plans for after graduation and about my internships in France and Philadelphia. They have children right around my age, so it was interesting to hear their insights as parents into the recently graduated life, etc.
And then, right before I left, we were talking about gardening and the wife mentioned that they had an overabundance of peppers in their garden that she didn’t know what to do with. Well, I swooped in and took that opportunity to mention that I live in a house with a bunch of girls and that I was sure we’d love to take a few peppers off her hands. Not a problem.
Sure enough, she came back with a HUGE basket of delicious-looking little red, green, and yellow peppers. All of me! She doesn’t know which ones are the hot ones though, so that should be an interesting experiment. And then, after gushing about how wonderful it would be to have fresh vegetables in our house, she invited me to come outside and look at her garden. And then she gave me MORE vegetables — a pile of fresh baby tomatoes and a bunch of fresh basil leaves. Yum!
I can’t wait to get all fancy-shmancy with my cooking, now that I have some wonderfully fresh ingredients to use. Anyone know of anything good to make that involves peppers, basil and/or baby tomatoes?

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