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“I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”

-E.B. White


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Why I Love My Friends

Brittany: (while looking with concern at her dying bamboo) “My poor bamboo. It’s so desiccated.”

Me: *snicker* *snicker*

Valerie: “You know, I didn’t know what that word meant until about a year ago.”

Me: *suddenly confused* “Wait. What do you mean?”

Valerie: “You know, desiccate. To dry out.”

Me: “Oh! I thought she meant decimated.”

Val: “Is that why you were laughing?”

Me: “Maybe.”

Tess: (who just walked in) “What are we talking about?”

Val: “The word desiccate. . . It means to dry out.”

Tess: “I thought it meant poop.”

Val and Me: “That’s defecate.”

Tess: ” . . . Oh.”

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Sign of the Times

We used a phone book to start the fire in our fire pit last night.

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Ricks and Tree Houses

My roommates and I have been looking into purchasing firewood, and have been calling to all the various Norman lumber yards for different quotes. After calling all over the place, getting lots of answering machines and a ridiculously expensive quote from one lady, we were called back by one of the businesses.

The man on the other line was immediately very helpful, answering all our questions. He told us approximately how large a quarter rick would be, how long it would last (6-8 fires of 4-5 logs), and how much it would cost ($35 for the wood, $5 for delivery) — So helpful!

So Valerie called him back to let him know that we wanted to order wood from him.

Val: Hi! I’d like to go ahead and order that quarter rick of wood.
Guy: Oh…. okay… well, uh, I’m actually in a tree right now. So let me call you back when I get down. It’ll be when it gets dark.

Bahaha! Seems so fitting.

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Another Resolution

I was looking through my post about resolutions just now, trying to see if I forgot anything (I did. Add: Call family and friends more frequently), and I noticed that I wrote “my resolutions for the new year (and in part, the new decade).”

Umm… I’m pretty sure going into 2011 doesn’t count as the new decade, Virginia. I think that one started about a year ago.

Are you allowed blonde moments when you’re a brunette/redhead?

(I guess I also can’t decide on my hair color. I’d like to claim that it’s just “one of those days,” but the hair thing is an ongoing source of confusion. I’m having severe identity issues because of it.)

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At the City Brew Drive-Thru Today


Me: “Do you want anything?”


Dad: “Sure. I’ll just take a small coffee.”


Barista: *crackle* “Welcome to City Brew! What can I get for you today?!” *crackle crackle*


Me: “Um, I’ll take a small black coffee and . . .  a tall mint mocha frappuccino with skim milk, two shots of espresso, extra whip cream, and sprinkles if you have them. Thanks!”



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Dinner Reminiscing

A great way to not do homework and study for upcoming tests is to think about where I’ll be in a week. I will be in Arizona. I am so excited about getting to have an entire week with my mom, my sister, and my brother. I haven’t seen them since August, and we always have so much fun just spending time together and catching up.

I was thinking about this today– One of my favorite parts about being with family members is that dinner is always delightfully full of Remember-When’s. Almost every dinner hour is filled with stories and laughter (My poor brother-in-law… he usually is out of the loop on everything) and recounting all the funny things that happened to us as children.

For example, when we were very young and growing up, my mother was quite the health nut. Typical meals consisted of rice, veggies and maybe a little tofu sprinkled in, and there was almost zero sugar to be found around the house. My earliest memories of drinking pop are when the grandparents would come up to Montana to visit and, probably taking pity on us poor children, would bring bottles of Cherry Coke and chocolate milk with them.

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