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Why I Love My Friends

Brittany: (while looking with concern at her dying bamboo) “My poor bamboo. It’s so desiccated.”

Me: *snicker* *snicker*

Valerie: “You know, I didn’t know what that word meant until about a year ago.”

Me: *suddenly confused* “Wait. What do you mean?”

Valerie: “You know, desiccate. To dry out.”

Me: “Oh! I thought she meant decimated.”

Val: “Is that why you were laughing?”

Me: “Maybe.”

Tess: (who just walked in) “What are we talking about?”

Val: “The word desiccate. . . It means to dry out.”

Tess: “I thought it meant poop.”

Val and Me: “That’s defecate.”

Tess: ” . . . Oh.”


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Recap of an Adventure

Sometimes life progresses along a straight line, routine and expected. And then sometimes, life throws you a very (very) awesome curveball.

On Sunday afternoon, I got a text from one of the guys on my business team– and in an instant, the next three days took on a completely different turn.

The text was something along the lines of, “We’re taking a road trip to Chicago tomorrow. Want to come?”


Suddenly, instead of heading back to Norman before the winter storm hit, which I’d been tossing around in my mind earlier that day, I was headed north to beat the snow slowly rolling across the south-east.

Less than twenty-four hours later, I was on my way to Chicago. Headed to the Windy City — which was apparently named so because of its shady politics, not its nasty weather.

Day 1 – In Which We Follow Through on the Spontaneous Road Trip

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Loving Me Some Food Blogs

My newest obsession is cooking blogs. I can’t get enough of ’em. I keep finding new ones, reading through them, falling in love and getting really hungry. I’ve taken to copying all the tasty (easier) recipes onto blank Word documents with the intent of printing them when I get to Norman.

It started out innocently enough. My first love was Pioneer Woman, though I loved her more for her wit and entertaining stories than for her cooking. But I did try a few of her recipes (one of which I have now cooked three times over the break for different people) and I love them.

After Pioneer Woman came The Menu Mama, who is actually an old friend of the family’s. Heather has two little kids and focuses her blog on helping people plan for the week ahead, including a grocery list for the beginning of every week (which I think is brilliant). She’s also great because her meals rely on ingredients that I could easily find in my own pantry — no fancy-schmancy spices and impossible-to-pronounce cheeses.

These blogs I admired passively, browsing through and appreciating but not needing.

Then I went to Montana for part of Christmas break and took it upon myself to help my dad find some easy new recipes that he can make on Sundays (and in turn, find some good recipes for myself). And of course, where would you go for recipes except online?

So with that challenge in mind, I went through the links on Ree and Heather’s blogs and found Bakerella, Smitten Kitchen, and a plethera of other awesome, delicious, super cool cooking (and baking) blogs.

With all these blogs to browse through, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase an actual cookbook now. What’s the point? It’s all online.

Kinda makes me feel bad for the poor publishing industry.

Until I google how to make the perfect brown rice and I immediately get a good fifty or sixty recipes.

From now on, I think I’ll just grab my favorite recipes from all these great blogs and combine them in a binder or something. It’s better that way anyway, because then it’s personalized.

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Notes on Flying

I would imagine that the United States seems like a much smaller place if you’re a flight attendant. If you’re traveling cross-country three times in a day, it has to lose some of its allure. And magic. Which is a shame.

I’ve flown my fair share of times (to and from school, etc), and I still love flying. It never gets old, even when I’m half-dead from a lack of sleep and the slow-to-dissipate stress from packing (because I think I’m literally incapable of starting my packing endeavors any earlier than midnight before a 6 a.m. flight. It’s inevitable).

But regardless, I’m still in love with flying. I still love the exhilaration of take-off, the thrill of seeing a familiar face in a terminal of strangers, and the inner leaping of my heart when I find that my suitcase fits neatly under the 50 lb weight limit.

I used to want to be a flight attendant like nobody’s business. I wanted that cute blue suit, wanted to chat with attractive pilots, and fly all over the country. I still wouldn’t mind that, I guess. Especially the flirting with pilots part.  

But the way I see it, flying wouldn’t be the same if I did it everyday.

Old hat = no more fun.

So I’m sticking to my day job (or will, once I get one). And I’ll continue to love flying, and I’ll still get enjoyment from being a speedy security check-through-er, and I’ll love finding that one restaurant in the Denver airport with fresh, not soggy sandwiches. Ka-ching!

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Gingerbread Houses and Other Wintery Things

Wednesday I spent the day with Desirae, a good old friend of mine who shared “total nerd” status with me in third grade. We bonded immediately, and we’ve managed to stay in touch pretty regularly since then, thanks to good ol’ snail mail. It’s always nice to see her again.
She invited me over to her house around noon, where we immediately set to work making gingerbread houses. But not just any gingerbread houses. Deluxe houses complete with M&M trees, marshmallow snowmen, and powder sugar snow to cover the rooftops.
My masterpiece had a Skittles fence, candy cane door and windows, and Nerds Christmas lights. I have rekindled my love for making gingerbread houses.
After putting half the candy on our houses and the other half in our tummies, I was invited to be a part of their large extended family bowling trip. So we all piled into cars and headed to the bowling alley across from the cemetery. 

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Today Was a Good Day

The weather is beautiful, the prospective student I showed around campus actually talked to me, and I successfully caught my sneeze with a tissue. Couldn’t ask for more.


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To continue my animal theme…

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